The days of ripping up your yard to diagnose problems with your Attach1940_20160207_101305sewer line are over. Our experienced plumbers make use of updated technology to attempt to minimize the destruction of your property.

We provide you with all information and prices upfront without hidden fees.

In order to identify current problems, as well as problems that may present themselves in the future, we may still need to disturb your property. In many cases that is not necessary for basic diagnostic services.

To get maximum production when you’re excavating, it’s important that a skilled tracked hoe operator does the work.

thumbnail_20130523_104934We may identify problems that you are yet unaware of, and that can save you tons of money on future sewer repair bills. Proactive sewer care is always better than reacting to emergencies. You can call RLR Plumbing for preventative drain and sewer repair. If you have an emergency, call us any time, any day…and that includes weekends and major holidays.